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Grace Counseling has worked with teens, foster care, adoptive children, and children using EMDR to help reduce tantrums, aggressive play, cutting, and other behavior problems. 

Attachment therapy

Attachment therapy can change a child's behavior from angry acting out, to looking to parents for direction and comfort. Children with RAD have trouble letting adults direct them because they do not feel safe. Grace Counseling has years of working with families on attachment issues. Behavior in foster care and adoptions children can change when attachment issues are addressed.

EMDR with children help them process trauma, anxiety, somatic symptoms, night terrors and negative beliefs about themselves. 

EMDR Therapy with adults and children

EFT (Emotion focused Therapy) is Couples Therapy that is attachment based. 

Adult EMDR helps process old emotions that can still be triggers years later that affect relationships. 

Play Therapy Sand tray 

Play can help children process trauma