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Play therapy

Sand Tray can help a child process their trauma and help them recover from trauma. Using EMDR with play therapy children can help tell their story. 

Counseling can be where anxiety, fears, and relationships change. Safety in therapy is key to being able to open up and learn to connect. 


At Grace Counseling we work with kids, teens, couple and adults. Understanding how our emotions are connected to everything we do and how they affect relationships are key. I have worked with children first in the classroom for 15 years and now in the therapeutic setting. 

EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy),  EMDR and Ceba the therapy dog.  

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EMDR is used to treat PTSD, anxiety, depression, trauma, Negative beliefs about self. EMDR works well with adoptions issues, as well as numerous behavioral problems. (cutting, optional defiance, drug use, anxiety, and others)

EFT Emotion Focused Therapy. 

 Trained Therapist in EFT for couples has a 73% success rate compared to only 30% for traditional therapy. 

Say hello to the new you!

Therapy Dog Ceba

Ceba is a certified therapy dog that loves working with children and teens. Children can learn about their own emotions through the connection of a dog. 

Grace Counseling LLC


Founded: 2014

Owner: Debbi Deyoung LPC

Certifications: LPC, EMDR trained, EFT trained, 


Areas of expertise:  Children, teens, adults, couples, family issues; PTSD, anxiety, depression, behavior problems.