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Debbi DeYoung has a long history working with children and people. Debbi was a teacher for 15 years working with middle school and elementary children. Helping other has been a life long passion. 


Counseling can bring about healing  from anxiety, sleep disturbance, lack of self esteem and depression. Grace Counseling specializing in EMDR, EFT and children , teens, adults, and couples. 

Choosing a counselor can be scary. Grace Counseling is experienced in working with children, teens, trauma, depression, anxiety, and attachment issues from adoption or foster care. 

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EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization Reprocessing

EFT stands for Emotion Focused Therapy. EFT is used to give relief for couple therapy at a 75% success rate according to research by Susan Johnson. 

Services are cash or check only, no credit cards accepted. 

Ms. Debbi helped me know what dissociation is,(I call it blank land), and how to stop it. She listened to me when I needed to share my feelings. I feel like now I am free. 

Anthony, 12 year old adopted at age 2 years old.

Debbi's works with our three and five year adopted sons is nothing short of amazing. Her use of EMDR techniques has reduced the intensity of the three year old's anxiety driven tantrums and enabled him to return to preschool were his behavior had resulted in his being sent home.


Kathy E., Foster and Adoptive mother of 9.

What Clients Say About Grace Counseling

May 1, 2014

Grace Counseling has moved from City of Grace Church to 2947 N. Power Rd. Suite E4


The door is hard to find walk between buildings, side door is on right. 
May 2014

Essential oils presentation is May 29 from 7-9pm 2929 suite 101

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2947 N. Power Rd. Suite E4